Writing About My Body, Day 6

A few words on beauty…

1. If you say I am beautiful and I can’t hear you over the pre-recorded narrative in my head and…

2. If you say I am beautiful but only mean it when you are dazzled by the unexpected gleam of my teeth and…

3. If you say I am beautiful and your voice ends on an ellipsis not a full stop and…

4. If I always hear a question mark when the conversation turns to my beauty and…

5. If I forget what I look like sometimes not because there is no mirror but because there is too much to feel and…

6. If I know how to say beautiful and hear beautiful but I don’t know where beauty rests in my body the way anger nests in the tensing of my shoulders and grace blooms in the opening of my palms and…

7. If by feel I mean buzz or bloom or fizz or fruit and…

8. If by beauty I don’t mean grace or gift or heart or kindness and…

9. If when I say beauty I want to talk only about what’s outside unmodified and unmediated and unqualified by what’s inside then,,,

10. When we talk about my beauty, where shall we start, what shall we say, how will we prosper the words that hold what we mean and what we don’t?

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  1. Nice post, Paulette!

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