More Odds, More Ends

il_155x125.75017843Got art? Well, you can. Visit my twitter-pal Christy’s etsy store—AlteredAbbey—cause she’s having a heckuva moving sale. Whether you’re in the mood for a dreamy, Hopper-esque landscape or a quirky chick-pic, you’ll have a hard time NOT finding something to love. Did I mention that prices start at $5 (plus shipping) for a 2×3, the perfect size for adding that pop of color that will transform any forgotten nook, cranny, or corner from boring to boom boom pow!  BTW, if you’re one of the Twitterati, follow @ArtbyChrysti to keep up with what new stuff-I’ve-gotta-have Chrysti’s got going in her studio.

designspongeNeed something to do while you’re waiting for me to write a new blog post? Then you should be reading design*sponge. You all know that I’m still in mourning over the demise of Domino a/k/a the greatest shelter magazine that ever lived. Well, design*sponge has that same Paris-apartment-slash-DIY-diva-slash-Can-you-please-get me-an-invite-to-visit-this-super-cool-interior-in-person vibe that infused each and every page of Domino. But no need to recreate my monthly mailbox vigil  because Grace posts a few times a day (and yes, I do want her job!) Whether you grok on before-and-afters or crave sneak peeks at cool digs or you’ve noticed that you’ve started ranking your fave films based on the ooh-aah-iciousness of the set design, design*sponge will be sure to deliver a post or two or five that’ll be right up your alley. So make like I did and sign up for the feed. Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter too @design_sponge.

I swear a 20× shout-out is coming soon . . . Really!

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  1. You commented about having a string of ‘magnetized string’ What is that, and where did you get it? I want to try this, and posted a question on designsponge, but have not received a reply. Thanks so much

    • Paulette Beete

      Malia–I found it last year in a store called Now and Then in Takoma Park. I’m scouring the web to see if I can find it for you. I’ll keep you posted. Not sure what to call it, but it’s a leather (?) cord with a weight on one end, and a hook for hanging on the other.

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