A blog, a bookstore, and a boy who draws things

rsz_womanwaiting5182008_artworkimage_1“Woman Waiting” by Jason Polan from Every Person in New York (Image courtesy of 20×200.com)

I’m fresh out of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but not to worry, I’ve still got a few of my favorite things to rave about. . .

The Blog: I discovered Orangette a few days ago by way of a can’t-wait-for-it-to-be-yummy-in-my-tummy  recipe for salsa verde and potatoes. (Editors Note: I made and took pix of the recipe this weekend. Expect a post soon, by which I mean, whenever I get around to downloading the pix.) Molly Wizenberg is a Seattle-based home chef-foodwriter turned home chef-food writer-restauranteur. I love her voice and the pix she takes and generally if I lived in Seattle, I’d be pining for her to be my best friend. (And I”m not just saying that because she’s also got a thing for poetry and has spent oodles of time in Paris and now owns a pizzeria.)

The Bookstore: I’m ashamed to admit that I can’t remember who introduced me to The Little Bookroom, but thank you whoever you are. These gorgeous little travel books are worth buying even if you never quite make it out of the armchair and onto the aeroplane.  Whether your want a catalog of all the shops in Paris selling handmade items or you want to eat your way through Tuscany or if you’ve a hankering to find out where to get the best cocktails in Buenos Aires, The Little Bookroom has a guide for you. Not to mention journals for capturing every detail and literary essays—such as E.B. White’s ever-fresh Here is New York—to keep you company on the plane ride. And by the by, they’re having a sale now so you can score bonus points for being ye olde thrifty shopper.

The Boy: Jason Polan likes to draw things. A lot of things. Like giraffes. And every piece of art in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. I first discovered Jason through 20×200.com when the $20 featured offering was photocopies of his hands. I especially loved that particular artwork because for weeks it made me debate whether or not that was art. I then spent the next few weeks kicking myself because I missed out on one of the 20×200 lower-priced editions of his “Every Person in New York” series. Since then, I’ve spent an awful lot of time wishing drawing could be my super power. Lucky for me, it’s Jason’s. And I’m hoping to snag one of his “10 Things of Mine and One of Yours” portfolios in the near future. So now you know all about Jason Polan. You’re welcome. (p.s. Click here to browse the Jason Polan editions on 20×200.com.)

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  1. Lovely, glad I stumbled on your blog,,

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