May I be Franc?


“Poetic Prose II” by Francine Turk from Chicago Art Source website

Any artist whose motto is “I live in France . . . in my head”  is destined to be my new artist crush. Meet Francine Turk who I know nothing about except I’ve been drooling over her work since I discovered it five minutes ago thanks to Apartment Therapy. You can check out some of her new work at Chicago Art Source. (I haven’t yet gotten up the courage to ask how much her work is.) From her moody Matisse-like nudes to her even moodier mashups of visual and print language, Turk’s work makes me consider what’s hidden in the gray areas, in the smudges, in the lines left undrawn or smeared beyond the point of recognition. What do we choose to say or to not say or to un-say? Turk’s work also makes me remember wandering in the Marais spellbound by that peculiar heaviness of ancient time and hidden things that seems to permeate Paris’s former Jewish quartier. If you’re actually in that great big town by that great big lake, you can visit Chicago Art Source in person at 1871 N. Clybourn Avenue. Bon Pensee (which I hope means Happy Thinking . . . or Pondering . . . or something along those lines)!

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