Hitting the Links (9/19/09)


A detail from the Freeman house tour on style/swoon

Behind the seens. An interview with architect/designer Dee Dee Taylor Hannah thanks to Ronda over at All the Best.

The cat’s out of the bag. Uhm, not really sure how I’m going to keep my tote bag (it’s-almost-an) addiction under control when people (like Oh Joy!) keep pointing me to (easy-on-the-wallet) cutie patooties like these from MAPTOTE. Go Queens!

Icy hot. This is the coolest housecleaning (by which I mean, of course, making a humongous mess while I move the furniture yet again) tip ever! Thanks for giving me a clue Shelterrific.

Picture this. Do I really need to explain why I think this is the coolest idea ever? Hmm, wonder if I can barter for this using my roll of 4th-of-July-in-the-neighborhood photos I never developed by which I mean uploaded or even downloaded from the camera . . . . (BTW, this is thx to Shelterrific.)

Full House. I’m a little in awe of this house which mixes country, vintage, and Old Hollywood elements (check out the chandelier collection!) with aplomb. This is the kind of place I’d never get invited to simply because they wouldn’t be able to get me to leave. I’d be too busy ogling, groping, and otherwise interfering with all their treasures. I particularly like how well their collections are integrated into the decor and the folk art elements that are scattered throughout so they add a bit of sweetness rather that kitsch. Yep, I’ve definitely got a heart-on for this habitat. (Thanks to style/swoon for sharing.)

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