Hitting the Links (10/1/09)


Diana Fayt at work. Photo thanks to Design*Sponge

Flower power. These vases by Diana Fayt are simply stunning. As you can see in the photo shoot, Fayt’s floral-etched vases manage to showcase rather than compete with the blooms they hold. I also love the practical aspects of the design: the vases are narrow-mouthed, so you can get 2-3 arrangements out of a single bouquet of florals. Better yet, they’re just as lovely—and floral—even when they’re bloomless. As I commented when I first saw these: breathtaking. (via Design*Sponge)

Rooms that make you say hmmmm . . .  So here’s an insider look at Hazlitt’s in London. Not sure I’d actually want to stay here—it’s a little too museum-ish for my taste. That being said, I could definitely be convinced to spend a blissful hour putting that wonderful shower through its paces. (via notcot)

Non sequitur alert. Uhm, so this blog (by Rainn Wilson) has absolutely nothing to do with home stuff, except for the fact that I am sitting in my home laughing because of it. I suggest you do the same. (via Twitter, I think . . . )

Eat me. This recipe has me downright salivating. Let me know if anyone gives it a try. (via ReadyMade)

You had me at “fruit stand.” As you all know, I’ve never met a farmer’s market I didn’t like. And I’m also the one in the car gazing longingly after every single hand-lettered sign promising homemade pies or fresh produce or lemonade. So no surprise that I’m dubbing this interview the “feel-good story of the year.” Note to those who like moi are of a certain age: Skip the part where they you how old Andrew is . . . sigh . . . .  (via ReadyMade)

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