Hitting the Links (10/5/09)


Let’s sleep on, er I mean in, it! Here’re the winning rooms from Ronda Carman’s Best Bedrooms contest. I love the gorgeous yellow walls in the winner-takes-all room, but I confess that I was rooting for the Reader’s Choice room. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep, wake-up, dream, read, and dream some more amidst this gorgeous greenery, inside and out? Take note: What all of these rooms have in common is that they offer a mixture of textures, shapes, and furniture styles and periods. Nothing says boring bedroom more than rigorously adhering to a certain set of rules. In other words-nix the matchy matchy folks, just nix it!

C’mon get happy! One of my favorite fashion and design doyennes–Oh Joy!–is now also indulging her foodie side with her new blog Happy Lady! One of my fave features is the sweet little foodie quotes that pop up every now and then. In other words, Oh joy, oh boy!

On the road! If only I had an unlimited bank account (and some actual upper body strength), I’d flit, I’d flee, I’d fly from coast to coast carting around my perfect LBDs, Havianas, James Perse tees, and lots of other It-girl type clothes I don’t actually own in these refreshingly upcycled suitcases. Heck, these suitcases are so cool, that my regular old clothes would become It-girl clothes just by virtue of having been carried in them. (via Shelterrific, and a few other cool blogs I’ve perused lately)

My precious. Let’s face it, most people’s junk somehow turns into my treasure. Lucky for moi, there’s lots of likeminded folk out there, like the proprietor of my new favorite Etsy shop High Street Market. (No, I don’t just like it because it’s a fave haunt of Jen Bekman’s, not that there’d be anything wrong with that. . . Sigh . . . ) From darling little globe banks to wall-worthy vintage paint-by-numbers to collectible–and covetable–brass animal figurines, I guarantee you’ll find something you want . . . even if you won’t admit to it.

Coming later this week–the spoils of Saturday’s thrifting, a new Shop It feature, and my first ever not-answered-by-me Home Beete questionnaire a/k/a my first “big girl” blog post!

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