The Home Beete! Questionnaire


I first encountered Jennifer Grey over on Design*Sponge, or rather I should say I encountered a few swoon-worthy photos of her gorgeous Southern California home. When Jennifer was sweet enough to chime in on The Home Beete! to thank me for my gushing response to her D*S spread, I took the opportunity to invite her to be the first ever person to answer The Home Beete! questionnaire that’s not me.

Once you’re done with your own oohing, aahing, and general gushing, check out The Old Painted Cottage, Jennifer’s equally swoonworthy online site. With categories like She Makes Things, Curious Finds, and French Country, I have a feeling you’ll be making a (very long) wish list just like moi! (And keep an eye out for more from The Old Painted Cottage when I get around to launching my weekly Shop This! column.)


THB: In five words or less, your home is . . .

Jennifer: My Sanctuary, Love, and Life.

THB: What do you do at home?

Jennifer: I run my own online business out of my home, so when I’m not taking care of orders, I’m doing projects, moving things around, or contemplating moving things around.

THB: What’s your favorite room (and why)?

Jennifer: That would have to be my dining room. The custom built shelves we had made to showcase my ironstone collection take my breath away every single day.


THB: What’s your favorite piece of art or memento or plain old thing in your home?

Jennifer: Can a floral loveseat be considered a piece of art? I think it’s the most special thing I have. Purchased at an antique store several years ago, I’ve convinced my husband that when we’re old and gray, we’re making room for this tufted baby in our retirement home.

THB: What could you never throw out . . . though maybe you should?

Jennifer: I’m not sure this is something I would ever “throw out,” but I have a lot of my grandparents’ things. My grandmother adored Victorian style, but her things just don’t go with my current look. I’m not one to put things away out of sight, so I have found a home for her things in nooks and on shelves to keep them in my heart.

THB: What’s the best piece of decorating advice you’ve ever received?

Jennifer: Two pieces of advice actually. The first came from my mother when she said “Paint covers all sins,” which rang especially true with this house. And the next came from my mother-in-law when she said, “No matter how much you do, you’re never done decorating.” How true, how true.

THB: What’s on your home wish list?

Jennifer: I can’t wait to remodel our master bathroom, which needs a major overhaul, and I’ve been dreaming of a white picket fence since we bought this house one year ago. Or since the day I was born really.


THB: Got color?

Jennifer: Yep, two of my favorites: A great taupe – Ralph Lauren’s Canvas Natural (seen on my walls in my dining room, kitchen, and living room). And a fabulous creamy white – Behr’s Seaside Sand (seen on all my white furniture, doors, trim, fireplace wall, and ceilings).

THB: Any last words?

Jennifer: Are we there yet?

(See more pix of Jennifer’s digs and get the inside scoop on some of her treasures and marvel–when you see the second image–that we have the same, exact vintage clock on her blog.)

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  1. Paulette, I can’t thank you enough for featuring me on your website. I had such fun doing this interview with you. I hope your readers will enjoy it.


  2. Love her attention to staging. It was great! The artichokes on the plates added an awesome punch of color.

  3. Absolutely loverly! Love the sense of “airyness” or openess that her spaces have. Even though the hubby loves lots of color everywhere, I’m inspired to declutter to open our own space up a bit.

  4. Great interview! Loved reading it and the photos are fabulous!

    • Thanks Lisa. I’ve just added your blog to my Reader. Any one who uses the term “goodwill” frequently in their posts is my kind of design diva! šŸ™‚

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