The Home Beete Questionnaire: LA Moffa


I met Christiana Moffa more than a decade ago when we both lived in Chicago. On her first day of work at JP Morgan, she sang me happy birthday. And believe me, this gal can sing! (You can take a listen here.) I always loved visiting Christiana’s Chi-town apartments.  I admired the way she ably mixed high and low, dramatic and classic—in both her dress and her decor. Moffa’s since gone Hollywood, but lucky for us, she’s still just as sassily stylicious as always.


THB: Where do you live?

Moffa: Los Angeles (in Century City, just between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills)

THB: In five words or less, your home is . . .

Moffa: My sanctuary of Moff.

THB: What do you do at home?

Moff: A lot of things, but mainly read, exercise, and enjoy my lovely kitties.

THB: Your favorite room?

Moff: I love my living area because it has art, furniture and accessories from every type of era.  It’s eclectic.  When I sit on my sofa and read or watch TV, I love how I feel.  I feel “home.”

THB: What’s your favorite piece of art or memento or plain old thing in your home?

Moffa: I have soooo many; that’s what makes up my style, I think.  But I did get a lovely vintage Parisian ad.  It’s a sketch of a male foot and a female foot, flirting and playing “footsy” under the table.  The caption says “Le Bas Scandale,” which means “the Scandal Below.”  Very Standard Era.

THB: What could you never throw out . . . though maybe you should?

Moffa: Despite my shabby chic apartment, I’m actually quite good at getting rid of old, antiquated items or those that could go to someone in need.  The only things I tend to keep forever are underwear and socks.  Hmmmm… I just admitted that on a blog.  Oh wait!  I have something – my old hat rack, which is broken on one side.  A new one is certainly in store.

THB: What’s the best piece of decorating advice you ever got?

Moffa: “It’s okay to mix woods.”  People seem to have this idea that furniture has to match. I don’t think ANY of mine matches!

THB: What’s on your home wish list?

Moffa: At some point, a nice, long, chic chaise lounge in my bedroom.  However, I need a bigger space for that!  I would also very much like a washer and dryer, but that’s not as glamorous.  Plus, I rent.


THB: Got color?

Moffa: All KINDS of color!  Themes tend to be burgundies and terra cotta tones, as well as champagne and sage.  Then I’ll throw in gold or blue, just for kicks.

THB: Any last words?

Moffa: La vita è bella! Live in a beautiful space that you love, and that brings you peace.


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