Hitting the Links (finally!) 11/9/09


Gratuitous (because I haven’t downloaded the hundreds of photos I took this weekend)  photo of me (before the last two major haircuts) sitting on Joan Allen’s lap. Photo by Brandon.

Bits and pieces. You say summer home, I say how soon can I move in? I especially love how the various artifacts are layered, and also how the oversized elements give the small home a certain lightness, as if by their very scale they’re exploding the space outward. (via Design Sponge)

Modern Masterpiece. Go look at this San Francisco one bedroom. Realize why it’s left me speechless. Go look at it some more. (And feel free to covet the blue Murano glass lamps, the Heywood Wakefield dresser in the bedroom, and the adorable collection of wee glass bottles.) Sigh . . .  (via Apartment Therapy)

Step and Repeat. I love all of the industrial elements in this brick bakery-turned-loft. What especially struck me is how carefully Ed has curated his displays—check out the color coordination in the first display—so everything feels coherent rather than cluttered. (via Design Sponge)

A New York Frame of Mind. Visiting The High Line is on my wishlist for my next trip to New York. In the meantime here’s a bit o’ travelogue from the always fabulous Jen O’Connor of Earth Angels. (via Earth Angels blog)

Pixel Dust. I love this new print by Elizabeth Dunker of  Fine Little Shop. I particularly admire how it simultaneously riffs on classic needlecraft and the computer age, invoking both pop culture and folk motifs.  (via Fine Little Day)

[Insert Your Own Bit o’ Wit Here] I heart pencils. Like for realz. (via notcot)

Going green! Oh, if only these genius wall pots came with a green thumb. I mean nothing’s died in my house lately, but I know that dang orchid that I pruned way too far back a couple of years ago is staying alive just to taunt me for my lack of finesse in getting it to bloom again. Sigh . . .  (via Oh Joy!)

Tabletop Trompe l’oeil.  I see something like this and it makes me think — Boy I wish someone would get me the cool cup (with dotted-line teabag ) and saucer (with dotted-line spoon) for my birthday. I’m just saying . . .  (via Oh Joy!)

Help Wanted. Matchmaker matchmaker find me a match . . . who’ll think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving four hours to see a house you love (or shop a flea market you’ve always heard about or see a sign that always makes you giggle. Well, you get the picture . . . ) Sigh, sigh, sigh. (via something’s hiding in there)

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