Hitting the Links (11/23/09)

Apropos of nothing mentioned in this blog: “Putting Together a Poetry Manuscript the Paulette Beete  Way”

Vintage Va-Voom! There’s a fine line between decorating with vintage items and living in a museum. So much to love in this cottage where they get it just right: quirky lamps; inspired use of colored glass bottles throughout the house; silk scarves turned window coverings, and, of course, the fresh green in the gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen. (via apartment therapy)

Oh, You Swede Talker You! The more I surf the web, the more I realize that in many ways I’m as much Scandinavian as Parisian at heart. Think it’s all that gorgeous wood and pale colors—but not Easter egg pastel—that they’ve got going everywhere. And all the Scandinavian arty types I’ve started following have that cozy minimalism thing down to a science. Like at the Hotel Story–irresistible to this writer who’s clearly coming out o’ ye olde closet about her Scandinavophilia. (via emma’s designblogg)

Read It and Weep. Seriously peeps. Like I need one more magazine to get addicted to. Do you know how many magazines already come to my house on a regular basis? Do you know how many additional magazines I buy at Barnes & Noble or Borders while muttering, “I don’t have a problem, I can stop any time.”  For realz! . . .  Uhm, so anyone got $10 I can borrow till payday so I can get me a copy of At Your Leisure? Just curious . . .  (via Oh Joy!)

You’re Such a Boaster. Don’t quite remember how I discovered this blog, but I love Pickles and Cheese because: 1. It’s named after two things I like very much to eat. 2. She brags about her Goodwill/thrift store finds AS MUCH AS I DO, and that’s saying something. You’ll like her blog because she actually gives how-tos for transforming her finds from trash to treasure as opposed to moi truly. So follow her already. Capisce!?

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  1. Hi Paulette. Just wanted to thank you for mentioning my blog Pickles and Cheese on your site!! The Goodwill thing is getting addictive and my blog is morphing into a Goodwill Rehab blog. I am glad there are others out there like YOU who appreciates all the goodness the Goodwill has to offer. And why bother if you can’t brag about it? That is half the fun!
    (I love your blog and I am a fellow magazine addict too :))

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