Hitting the Links (11/24/09)

“What a wonderful night for a moon dance . . . “

Forever Plaid. Even if you’re not mad for plaid, surely even you can’t resist the wonderful Union Jack pillow/plaid throw/curvy sofa combo. (via Chez Larsson)

Pleased to Meetcha. I was just daydreaming out loud today at work about some day hosting art shows and salons and the like at casa mia, which is currently known as apartamento mia. Seems to me that a place like this would fit the bill quite nicely. By the by, I got ridiculously excited when I peeped the picture of the three drawers each dedicated to a type of cutlery (second to last row). (via The Selby)

Why Yes, I Am a Real Princess. And I want the bed pictured at the top of this post. I mean it’s gold. It’s a bed. See where I’m going with this? (via Style Court)

Tree Huggers. So I was all set to rave about Anthropologie’s  butterfly ornaments but got distracted scrolling my way down this page by the owl*, the stellar sea ornaments, and then the darling set of crocheted ornaments. Hmmm, a tree full of anchors–whaddya think? ( *I’ve been very much in an owl frame of mind lately after spending some time immersed in Mary Oliver’s Owls and Other Fantasies. Read it now; thank me later.) (via Style Court)

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