Hitting The Links: Table Talk edition

Photo by Sandra Juto from her “Black Friday” blog post.

Butterfly Garden Teaware this enchanting could make even a Tetley tea party tops! I’m bursting to get these lovely  butterfly pieces from Polly George, but the roses and birds and wee little Mr. and Mrs. Jones lines are equally divine. Sure it’s a splurge coming from across the pond and all, but what’s a few euros compared to the oohs and aahs you’ll get the next time the girls are over for a cuppa? (via happylady)

You’re Welcome. This, my friends, is the cutest little pineapple-shaped sugar/splenda/stevia bowl ever. Nuf said. (via High Street Market Etsy shop)

Ooooh, pretty. They’re shiny. They hold coffee. Do I really need to go on? (via Oh Joy!)

Wake Up and Smell The . . .  The whimsical porcelain from Mustardseed and Moonshine is a little more fanciful than what usually catches my eye, but I confess to being totally in heart with the poppy teapot in Welsh. These fairytale takes on flora remind me of vintage Majolica and are definitely primed to become next generation heirlooms. I confess to being thorougly bummed that their online shop doesn’t extend to those of us on this side of the pond. Sigh . . . (via dear ada)

Pretty As a Picture. Ah, more Swedish house porn. Thankfully, a picture really is worth a thousand words since my Swedish is just not what it used to be. . . According to emma’s blogg, these photos by Per Gunnarson are of the home of interior designer Mia Lundstrom. I love her many delightful vignettes, especially in the bedroom with its pops of gilt. That just may be a Tord Boontje chandelier, or I may be projecting cause I want desperately to believe that I’ve already incorporated some Swede savoir faire into my own abode. Sigh . . . (via emma’s blogg)

I Found My Thrill. Okay, this my friends, is  blue-tiful. I love dishware that can double as decor. I also love Le Creuset. And yeah, I will love YOU if you get this for me. I’m just saying . . . (via Shiny Squirrel)

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  1. coolio roundup! I gave it a shoutout on my column, ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com

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