Hitting the Links (11/30/09)

For no reason at all, except for the fact that she’s darn cute, here’s my cousin Tyler who’s training to be a pastry chef.

Past is Prologue. I love this sweet home, which I think perfectly embodies that Swedish vibe I’ve been crazy for lately, though the vintage pieces are all-Americana. Favorite moments include the living room fireplace with its candle-filled box, the vanity mirror strung with necklaces, and the antique mall-sourced turquoise lamp. I also love that this house is filled with touchstones of the couple’s shared past, yet it doesn’t have that mausoleum malaise that can afflict homes overburdened  wtih family heirlooms. (via design*sponge)

Art for Art’s Sake. Some really lovely (and low-priced) prints available during the Tiny Showcase sale. Sign up for their e-mail and you’ll get the chance to buy a lovely bit o’something dropped into your mailbox every week. Oh, and did I mention that some of their proceeds go to various charities? (Make your walls) look good and do good at the same time? C’mon, what’s not to heart?

Color Me Good! Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood is a haven of beautiful old houses, many of them now broken into two-flats or three-flats, to use the local parlance. Sadly when I lived in my own JP mini-manse, I had zilch design sense. (I was also perpetually broke back then and couldn’t even cook well enough to boil water, but that’s another story.) This beautiful rehab is chock full of color. Notice that by keeping the saturation point of each color the same (these all have a jewelbox tone to them), the colors complement rather than clash with each other. Some of my favorite moments—the kitchen’s green curtains, the dining room’s moody-bright blue walls, the beautiful abstract art. (via apartment therapy)

Eye Candy. More beautiful images from Sandra Juto. My favorites are #s four and five. Number seven—with the coffee cup—makes me wish a steamy cappuccino would magically appear at my desk right now. Really. Please. (via Sandra Juto)

On the Stump. I love stores like small stump + studio that make me exclaim, “Oh how darling!” in that perfect 1920s heiress way that manages to be utterly sweet and admiring rather than condescending. Know what I mean? Okay, even if I’m the only one who understood that first sentence, I promise you’ll understand why I’m glad I stumbled upon this store once you check it out. I’m particularly fond of the prints—an inexpensive way to dress up those walls of yours—and the horse and cow field slices are the crazy-coolest decor-as-conversation-starter piece I’ve seen in a while. (via Shiny Squirrel)

Light Bright! In case all my recent Swede-swooning has you thinking I’ve foresworn my Paris-philia, here’s a little something to put your hearts at ease. My favorite moment is the bathtub nook. It. Gives. Me. a Heart-on. For sure. And really, how on earth did she get away with using fluorescents as an accent when that’s normally the kind of thing that can steal the show and disrupt a room’s balance? Am I envious much? Sigh . . .  (via design*sponge)

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