Shop It: I Heart Art (part uno)

Pink hat on bench, downtown Silver Spring. November 29, 2009.

I’m gaga and can’t stay poker-faced when it comes to art that involves typography. Like these folkster-hip illustrations from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy. I’m crazy about “You are My Sunshine” and “Breezy.” (I also love her Alaska print.) And if you’d rather dress your sofa than your wall, check out the Daydreams pillow, which is definitely going on both my wish list and my inspiration board. (via Share Some Candy)

Follow the leader–in this case Maise Maud Broadhead–and make art from those danged pesky cables, cords, and other long linkages you’ve got lying around. I  love how she mixes historical references, contemporary culture, and everyday objects in riffs that result in thought provoking jewelry and mixed media pieces. I particularly love the pointless carpet installation, her accessories for designer siri johansen, and jewellry depicted—a series in which she made contemporary reimaginings of classic paintings along with the jewelry featured in each painting.

I love it when you can spend and save your do-re-mi at the same time. Check out the Holiday Better Together sale at Paper Whistle. Candidates for purchase via the contents of my change jar are “Wonder,” “Day Break” (which feels somewhat Raoul Dufy to me), and “White Mountain” and “Red Mountain,” which I’m picturing hung as a diptych. The sale’s on through December 20, but if you’re thinking a print or two would make a nifty gifty, you probably should get a move-on. (via paper whistle blog)

I love the retro feel and contemporary sensibility (and ultra-manageable price point) of the limited edition prints by Brainstorm Print & Design, a custom graphic design studio out of New Jersey. (Well, I think it’s New Jersey; they never actually taught me how to read a map as part of my fancy Catholic high school education. Sigh . . . ) The collective’s sense of humor keeps things from becoming too tragically hipster, iffen you know what I mean. There’s also something wonderfully collage-like about the way elements are layered in their work. Especial faves are “The Gardner,” the HELLO Artists set, and the Butterflies set. They’re offering free shipping and Christmas delivery through the 18th. Seems to me I just found you a way to check some more folks off your list. You’re welcome.

Let me be frank: I gave up the whole hanging cute animals on my wall thing around the same time I gave up plastering those same walls with pages (lovingly) torn out of 16 magazine. So the last thing I expected was to fall in art-heart with a dang bunny. But what can I say, she’s French! Meet Fifi Lapin who has more style in her little cottontail than . . . I mean, c’mon, look how she’s rocking those oversized glasses, contrasting polka dot patterns, and, mon dieu, is that a Birkin she’s carrying? Don’t even get me started on the “My Heart Belongs to Paris” photo. I. Must. Have. It.

To be continued . . . .

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