Hitting the Links (12/5/09)

Here’s the quilt I made for my dear friends Jocelyn and Terry in honor of their marriage five years ago. I was inspired by the Quilts of Gee’s Bend.

Sur Le Table. One more reason to head to Paris—the otherworldly yet earthy work by Claire de Lavallee Ceramics. I especially loved reading how she makes the various textures on her ceramics, and the saturated colors and sparkly finishes are totes tres fantastique. (via Cool Hunting)

Charity Case. I love cookies. I love them even more when the damage to my hips is offset by the fact that I’m actually making a charitable contribution by eating them. Check out Baking for Good which donates 15%  of each purchase to a cause selected by the customer. Talk about getting a bang for your buck. (via Cool Hunting)

Cut It Out! I blogged about Elizabeth Dunker’s gorgeous pixel-perfect print a while back. Now that print and a few others have made it on to her new mini-collection of cutting boards. I’m a little loco about the happy, smiling veggies one. (via Camilla Engmann)

A cure for that not-so-fresh feeling. Fresh flowers definitely head over to the luxury column during the chillier months. Thank goodness for bulbs that can be bullied into blooming while we twiddle our thumbs and wait for spring. And thank goodness for today’s forced bulb  how-to from Design*Sponge. I’ll most definitely be trying this soon, as I’m pretty sure even I can drum up the gardening skills to make it work. Pix soon. . . I hope.

Je t’aime. Paris. Sunlight. Hardwood floors. Art and more art. How do I heart you Frederic Mechiche’s Loft in Le Marais? Let me count the ways. Starting with that glorious bathroom: copper tub, abstract silhouette, and what looks to be handpainted wallpaper. Invite me over. PLEASE. (via Door Sixteen)

Be a Chef Or Just Look Like One. Trust  me. You need this hanging in your kitchen. Even if the only other thing in your kitchen is a drawerful of take-out menus.

Yo Homie! Another poet who blogs about home life is totes a double barrel of blessing from heaven IMHO. Meet Anna Torborg my new poet-blogger-girlcrush. Sigh . .

Luck of the Irish. Guinness, Bailey’s Irish Creme, and chocolate in THE SAME CUPCAKE! Seriously folks, who’s making these for me? Right. Now.

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