Hitting the Links (12/10/09)

Green and pink chairs by Wozzup Mutazionidinterni Design (http://www.coolhunting.com/archives/2009/06/wozzup_mutazion.php)

Swedie Pie. Design*Sponge finally got my week going in the right direction with this sneak peek into the home of Swedish designer and artist Camilla Engman who also writes the most delightful blog. I especially love the wall of art. Take note of how the disparate elements work well together because of the fairly cohesive color scheme. It’s a great way to add order to a rambunctious collection of treasures. (via Design*Sponge)

Craig. Daniel Craig. Doing the dishes will be a delight with this cheeky dish towel from Emma Bridgewater in hand. Really. (via A Cup of Jo)

You’ve Got Mail. I love getting mail. I love eating food. I love using words and phrases like “locavore” and “locally sourced,” and “small-batch.” In other words, I’m a pretentious git. That being said, this round the world food club sure would be a nifty gifty for the foodie or wannabe foodie in your life.  

Happy New Year. Or at least it will be if this year you can manage to keep track of birthdays, project due dates, and how long exactly it’s been since you watered your plants. One of these calendars just might help. (Note: I myself went with Wallace & Grommit to keep me on track–or at least laughing as another deadline blows by–in 2010.) (via Cool Hunting)

You’ve Got More Mail. I love getting mail. I love art. I’m even more of a pretentious git than previously thought. Still, this whole 12-pieces-of-original-art-by-subscription thing, for about $5/month, is pretty astounding. And cool-making. So take that jarful of pennies to Coinstar and then subscribe already! (via Book by Its Cover)

Art with a Heart. Visual artists Christine and Justin take that whole new age visualization thing to a new level by painting boldly colored, graphic pix of the things they want—a trip to Vegas, hot wings, a Pinkberry with banana and chocolate chips—then selling them for whatever is the purchase price of the desired object on their site Wants for Sale.  Said purchase price is then used to purchase said item. Genius. And before you get on them for rampant consumerism, consider that they also have a Needs for Sale series that raises funds for charities including Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International, and the American Red Cross. Double Genius. (via It’s Nice That)

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