Hitting the Links (12/21)

Footloose. I’m in love with this charming footstool that’s been reupholstered in a floral by Celerie Kemble courtesy of Kelly at High Street Market. I love how the Hothouse print riffs on the stool’s harp-shaped legs, yet the lines are clean enough that it doesn’t tip over into frou frou territory. Take a browse of Kelly’s Etsy shop to see some of her other fab upholstery updos. (via High Street Market)

Flashback. Once upon a time at a high school called St. Francis Prep my nick name was El Flamingo (for reasons which I remember but still don’t understand). Needless to say that led to a good decade or so of collecting all things flamingo until suddenly one day, I decided to send it all on its merry way. (No doubt when I picked up my first Eiffel Tower tchotcke.)  That all being said, I’m liking this set of vintage juice glasses quite a bit; I love how the black and white motif cuts the kitsch. Hmmm, wonder if there’s any room left on my wish list?

Footnote. And since we’re talking vintage, let’s talk about this DIY-heaven home lovingly (and painstakingly) put together by Amanda Johnson (purveyor of the aforementioned flamingo glasses), her huband Phil, and her brother Matt Graber. Favorite moments? The collection of milk glass containers, the row of handmade cushions on the gold couch, the chalkboard paint in the kitchen. (via apartment therapy)

It’s in the mail. As noted in recent posts, I’m in love with the idea of opening my mailbox to find pieces of art. Specially when said art is on postcards, one of my favorite types of ephemera.  Give your postal carrier something fun to deliver by subscribing to Abe’s Penny, which offers a weekly postcard-sized dose of visual art and poetry. Now that’s worth waiting by the mailbox for! (via Little Paper Planes)

Wiseguy. Actually, it’s a whole collection of wise men and women sounding off on wisdom. Each copy of the book also comes with a 60 minute film. Sounds like the perfect “Sorry I didn’t get your Christmas present in time for Christmas” present to me. (via Ilka’s Attic)

J’taime mucho. It’s Paris. There are Eiffel Towers dangling from the ceiling. And bins and baskets of treasures for me to paw through. What’s not to love about the Marches aux puces St. Ouen? (via ///)

Deck the Walls. Cheeky, charming, cheerful. Check out the selection of prints at Please Be Still, the etsy shop for Jen Renninger Illustration/Still Room Studio. A few faves: Keep Calm Ride On, Sing Out Loud Every Day, and the Design Deck series—alphabet cards featuring iconic iterations of modern design. (via A Cup of Jo)

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