Shop It: Basic French Online

If I can’t live in Paris, I can at least shop like I do. Here are a few of my fave things from this purveyor off all things Francais. (All images from

Almond dish detergent (the original almond joy .  . .)

Polka dot Paper Napkins (Do I really need to explain why these are tres adorable?)

Floral dish towels (Think spring no matter what the thermometer says)

La tennis Bensimon (Why yes, I would like a pair in every color.)

De Mak up Makeup Remover (How can you not love a product that makes you sound sorta kinda French every time you say its name?)

Citrus juicer and glasses (Suddenly starting each morning with a mimosa is sounding like a very good idea . . . )

Rhodia Notebooks (These make me want to cheat on my Moleskins. I’m just saying . . . )

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