Hitting the Links (1/22/10)

Photo by Irene on Flickr “La Parisienne “(via Sacred Lotus Photography)

Say cheese! Actually, say “gorgeous!” is more like it when you’re perusing an Etsy shop’s worth of work by Alicia Bock. “hop, skip, jump” + “pendant” + “dwelling” particularly enraptured my eye. And I’m halfway considering giving Wallace & Grommit 2010 the boot in favor of Alicia’s 2010 Polaroids calendar. (via high street market)

Fashion Plate. How can I not be gaga for an illustrator who describes her blog Looks Good To Me as ” a blog about things that I like, find inspiring, make me smile and want to see more of.” She had me even more at “Everything’s Cooler in Paris” and “Gelateria,” which are available—as are all her soigne prints—for a tres jolie $35. (via Daily Candy)

Knock knock. I love the color scheme and many collections in this light-filled Portland home.  My favorite moments: the built-in white bookshelves, the geometric sheepskin rug in the living room, and the pool blue Eames eiffel tower chairs, which make me wish I’d been patient enough to wait for the blue look-a-like chairs to get restocked at Ikea when I was looking for chairs for my dining room table. (via design*sponge)

Knock knock, take deux. I also love this house, which is a mixture of high and low, old and new. I love the boldness of the acid green wall in the living room, which feels fresh rather than over-the-top thanks to the neutral furnishings. I also love that there’s art everywhere. There’s no cohesive color scheme, yet the house’s various pops of color—the Granny Smith green Thonet chairs, the pottery collection—are of similar intensities so everything feels, to quote Goldilocks, just right. (via design*sponge)

Morning cuppa. I love Espresso, but have never been able to get the hang of using the ones where you have to measure and tamp and other things I’m simply not capable of doing before that first cup of java. I like this sleek model (by which I mean it won’t burden my already overcroweded, severely limited counter space) which only requires pods and a touch of a button. Pretty certain even I can pull that off . . . I think. (via incredible things)

No, I’m not a stalker. Here’s yet another home I want to wander around for a bit. I mean, just look at all the art, and the quirky architectural details. This is exactly the type of space that gives me a heart-on. And then there’s the artist aerie. The only thing that would make it more perfect is a couch for me to lay on, in easy reach of a dictionary, thesaurus, and all of my poetry books so I could write while Evan does whatever it is that Evan does. Hmmm, Portland (Oregon) seems to be giving Paris and the entire country of Sweden a run for their money in terms of my affections. . . I’m just saying. (via apartment therapy)

House Porn O.D. First, I didn’t know there was a Wicker Park in Boston (I only know the one in Chicago). Second, can I come over? Please? I promise not to say “wicked” or start dropping my “r’s.” I just want to ogle, er, I mean ooh and aah over your place. Pretty please? With sugar and baked beans and clam chowder from Legal Seafoods on top? (via sabbespot)

Go Ask Alice. Okay, let’s face it. I’m a lousy housekeeper. There’s dust everywhere, and, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less. Except when it comes to doing dishes. I’ll happily do hours and hours of dishwashing with nary a complaint. (Yes, this has more to do with the fact that I love, love, love playing with hot water than it has to do with having sparkly dishes but I digress . . . ) Anyhoo, can’t decide if this would make a lovely addition to my kitchen or if I’d just find it icky. Your thoughts? (via shelterrific)

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