A Picture a Day (1/23/10)

“Still Life with Afghan” (Silver Spring, Maryland)

I bought this afgham for a few dollars at a thrift shop at University and Piney Branch. I sewed the pillow in the middle from a vintage scarf, and the Eiffel Tower pillow from a tea towel. The butterfly pillow is from Now & Then. You can’t really see the lamp, but I inherited it from Cate and found the celluloid lamp shade at Moonshadow Antiques. A lot of the art on the wall is from 20 x 200.com. The center picture is the first fine art piece I ever bought. It’s of the Green Mill during the day, and I agonized about spending $100 for it. I was shocked when I went to pick it up, and all they handed me was the unframed photo. I’m feeling very Eggleston-esque.

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  1. Love the afghan and the frames! very nice

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