Hitting the Links (2/6/10)

Better Plate Than Never. I love these beautifully reworked vintage plates by artist Caroline Lotte, especially the Under Blue Skies series. Talk about upcycling! (via dear ada)

Knock, Knock. Sadly, if they invited me over here, I’d never leave. There are just way too many treasures to be ogled over. I love the white floors, and the way they reflect the light. And books, books, books everywhere. (via design*sponge)

Be a Wino or Just Drink Like One. “Frugal” and “fine dining” don’t have to be mutually exclusive if you follow these tips from my new favorite financial advisors over at Learn Vest. Drink up darlings!

Change of Address? It’s becoming more and more clear that I will have to move to Sweden to find my perfect house and perfect husband. Sigh . . . . Uhm, I’d better start saving for my head-to-toe North Face wardrobe pronto! (via dos family)

Who’s There? The only thing missing from these lovely photos of photographer Susan Tuttle’s home is me, curled up in a corner of her kitchen, with a gigantic cup of coffee, drinking in all the loveliness.  Sigh . . . .

Craftastic. Projects like this make me wish I was craftastic . . .or that at least I knew someone with some  power tools. Actually, with these directions, even I could probably whip up this folding screen, which would make a groovy room divider or perk up a dull corner in addition to covering an unwanted window. If anyone takes the plunge, please send pix! (via Little Green Notebook)

Oh, sweetie. My fave kinds of crafts are the easy peasy ones that me me look totes brill. Like this recipe for infused sugars that’ll make your friends ooh, aah, while you coyly reply, “Aw shucks, was nothing at all. . . I’m just naturally genius, I guess.” (via design*sponge)

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