The Home Beete! Questionnaire with Sierra Bailey of Manic Trout

I first discovered Manic Trout, the jewelry line by Sierra Bailey, in the 2008 Christmas edition of Real Simple. (Read my interview with Sierra about her jewelry work here.) I’m not quite sure how, but I managed to resist buying myself a pair of her Sweetest Things earrings in every color in favor of actually getting something from Manic Trout for my sister. Not only do I love Sierra’s jewelry, but I also love her boldly impressionistic paintings. (And c’mon, how can I not adore someone who—as the photo above attests—is as magazine-crazy as I am?)

I couldn’t quite believe it when Sierra said yes to letting me feature her home on The Home Beete! (She’s about to move—thanks to a yucky flood—and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get a peek into her new digs as well.) I am, of course, loving that her home is filled with books and art and then more books and art. I’m also heartily hearting the pintucked linens on her bed. Thanks for sharing with us Sierra!

THB: Where do you live?

Sierra: Smack in the middle of the village in Millbrook, New York.

THB: In five words or less, your home is . . .

Sierra: Where I love to be.

THB: What do you do at home?

Sierra: The Manic Trout studio is in my apartment and I tend to work excessively, so I’m in there great deal of the time I’m home.  I do, however, manage to find some time to sleep, hang out with friends, exercise and read.

THB: What’s your favorite room (and why)?

Sierra: My library/painting studio, this past summer I put half of my living room in the Manic Trout studio, so I can literally live where I work and then made a second studio space in what was the living room which is crammed with books, a comfy couch and where I have my painting studio.  I love having a more “personal space” to create in and retreat to during the rare times when I need to shut the door on work.

THB: What’s your favorite piece of art or memento or plain old thing in your home?

Sierra: I have recently noticed that every piece of furniture and thing in my home has a story that each piece has been brought in because I love it.  I do however have a horseshoe from my first pony that has been by the front door of every dorm room, apt and house that I have lived in since I was a little girl.

THB: What could you never throw out . . . though maybe you should?

Sierra: I am pretty good about throwing things out, the only way you can continue collecting things is if you get rid of the stuff you no longer want every so often.  I would however have to say that the obvious answer is my wedding dress from a marriage I am no longer in.  It’s preserved in a pretty big box and lives under the bed, and I know its weird that I still have it.  There is no sentimental value, but I wore Vera Wang and convinced them to do a few custom details to the dress, how could I get rid of a custom Vera Wang gown!?!

THB: What’s the best piece of decorating advice you ever got?

Sierra: As long as you love it, you can make it work in your home.

THB: What’s on your home wish list?

Sierra: I love furniture, but have absolutely no room for anymore where I live now…but if I could fit one more piece it would be an antique black pedestal table.  There was one years ago that I fell in love with and didn’t buy for some reason and I have regretted it ever since.

THB: Got color?

Sierra: Yes!  There is color bursting from every corner!

THB: Any last words?

Sierra: It’s amazing what a different rearranging can make in your life; when life throws you lemons, move the furniture around!

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