Look! (catch-up day)


“Lady Things” (Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland)

I found the yellow-and-white butterfly among my Grandmother Rosie’s things after she died. The pink-and-white brooch was a gift from my friend Gian-Claudia. When we were in high school, she would wear her mother’s vintage brooches on her skirt the way other girls wore kilt pins. Somewhat hidden toward the back left is a pearl-topped stick pin that came with a green velvet and satin hat I bought at a crafts market in Exeter, England about 15 years ago. In old movies, I always admire how the women can wear earrings, a necklace,  and a brooch in the same outfit and never ever look like too much.


“Dirge” (Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland)

It is still jarring to walk out each morning into a landscape dominated by snow. The trees make me particularly sad. Their branches still sag, though the snow has long since fallen off them. And they look, somehow, defeated. Somewhere an Ent is weeping I think.


“My raft” (Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland”

Toward the end of her life, when the French writer Colette was confined to her bed (due to excruciating arthritis, I think), she referred to her bed as “my raft.” My bed is my raft, my refuge, my library, my work table, my dressing room, my storage space, my schoolroom, my prayer closet, my safe place.

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