Hitting the Links (2/23/10)

Dreamscape. These dreamy paintings by Brooks Shane Salzwedal made me exclaim out loud. Not quite sure what it is   . . . the moody color palette, the delicacy of the botanical elements, or the fact that they perfectly capture that feeling of being perfectly grounded yet feeling anchored no place at all. Or maybe this is one of those cases where I don’t know why these works work on me, they just do. (via aesthetic outburst)

Picture Perfect. I’m loving these nostalgic but not treacly photos by Andrea, which you can get your hands on in her Etsy shop Hula 70. I love the saturated colors, and, especially with the polaroids, the way the photos looked as if they’ve been ripped from a vintage magazine. My especial faves are “Cigar boxes” and “Plink plink.” (via creature comforts)

Voila! Click here to oooh and aaah just like I did over this Paris apartment. Mon dieu people, it’s a Paris apartment—do I really need to say more than that?!? (via design*sponge)

Oh, yes please. You did just ask me if I wanted you to get me a ticket to Australia lickety split so I could check out this magnificent house in person, right? I mean, I’m all aswoon over the exposed cords of the pendant lamps which form such lovely aerial loops and I’m agog over that absolutely fantatstic clawfoot tub sitting right smack in the middle of the bathroom. Oh pretty Australia house, I so heart you! (via A Cup of Jo)

I’d love to come up, thanks. Uhm, my NYC aerie (by which I mean my childhood bedroom with the pink walls, black and red carpeting, and Scooby Doo sheets) didn’t quite look like this. I am always quite envious of any space that has windows chock full of light just begging for plants. Some day, sigh . . . (via design*sponge)

Spoiler alert! If you’ve given  up chocolate for Lent, don’t click here. No, for realz! I mean it! Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you! (via the selby)

Next stop, Chelsea. More fabulous apartmentage from NYC. I love that this place is chockfull o’ treasures and is wonderfully messy. My favorite moments are the window ledge of plants, the fireplace and mantel, and the cute kid. (via the selby)

Is it Spring yet? I confess that I have braved neither cold nor snow (nor the dang alarm clock) during any of these winter Saturdays in order to see if the Silver Spring winter market has, in fact, been alive and well. Thank goodness for this lovely series from the selby to give me my farmers market fix. (And point of order: why don’t we have any gorgeous chefs wandering our market . . . who are hopefully single and looking for a nice, Christian, part-time blogger/full-time public servant to take home with their vegetables? I’m just saying . . . ) (via the selby)

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