Look! (2/24/10)

“Self Portrait with art and Chinese print scarf” (Living Room, Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland)

I really like my outfit today. The sweater and the scarf are both thrifted. (maybe the striped top too, but I don’t remember for sure.) I love mixing basic stripes with a patterened scarf; it always makes me feel trop Francais. Turquoise is a color I’ve fallen in love with in the past couple of years, which is a good thing since Pantone has anointed it THE color of Twenty-Dime. Please note that I’m also wearing my red lipstick from Shu Uemura (RD 174S), which I’ve been wearing nonstop lately. I think I may need to step up to an even more matte red, though in the past whenever I tried to rock MAC’s Russian Red, it always felt like too much. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my hair, btw, which is kind of astonishing because my internal stylist is all, “Uhm, can you please take up a collection or something so you can go get your hairs cut? For realz!”

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  1. You are totally cute. My hummus-addicted friend Kim went thrift-shopping for scarves today as it happens!

  2. Very nice – the outfit and the whole post! Somehow I can thrift for my kiddies but never seem to find anything for myself- my sister is a whiz at it – she has found all kinds of goodies from dresses to lovely bags! BTW – I like that shade of lipstick.

    • Sharon–We clearly need to make a date to go thrifting together so we can find you an outfit or seven! People always seem to have good shopping luck when they’re with me. I swear!

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