Stuff I Like (3.21.10)

Shut up and sit down! Can’t quite decide if I like this sofa or if it would feel like I was sitting in a tub of macaroni and cheese . . . though maybe that’s not a bad thing. (via AM on the Present Tense)

Letter Have It! Ever since I read that Colette wrote all of her correspondence, not to mention many novels and nonfictions, on a particular shade of blue paper, I’ve been periodically obsessed with finding the right “signature” paper and/or letterhead. I’m still looking, but maybe the search will ge a little easier now that a nice man has started Tumblng a collection of stationery from the famous and used-to-be famous over at Letterheady. (via Cool Hunting)

Lead the sunshine in. What is it that is so deeply satisfying about writing with a well-sharpened pencil? And what is it that is so deeply satisfying about this simply gorgeous picture of pencil sharpeners? (If you have time, or when you have time, take a stroll through the nearly three months worth of collections that Lisa Congdon has either photographed or drawn thus far? I have one word for you: genius.) (via A Collection a Day)

Liner Note. I love the simple graphic detail of the line that seams these beautiful milk bottle-ish vases from Taylor Ceramics on Etsy. And at only $14 a pop, I encourage you to love them too. They’re beautiful enough to stand on their own, even without flowers, and simple enough to work with just about any decor. In other words: swoon. (via aesthetic outburst)

Go Ahead, Make My Day! Or at least, let the world know about someone who just made your day. This has got to be the sweetest site on the interet. I encourage you to visit it often, to share your own random bits of kindnesses or when you need to remember that yes, there is still kindness in the world.  And how! (via Carrying On)

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