Stuff I Like (4/9/10)

The Office. I used to be a fiend about taping stuff into my journals—articles I liked, poems I loved, cool pictures. But lately those bits just end up in piles that end up all over the apartment and eventually disappear. Maybe I’d be better at the scrapbook aspect of my journaling if I had this lovely to hold my tape for me. I’m mean, it’s worth a try, right? (via design heaven)

What’d you call me? I’m a big fan of the locavore movement and try to patronize local farmers markets whenever possible. So it’s no surprise that I’m falling hard for this Outstanding in the Field dinner idea which includes not just a gourmet meal and wine but a tour of the host farm and talks from the suppliers. What’s even better is that some of the events are taking place in city gardens like Chicago’s Grant Park and NYC’s La Plaza Cultural. Genius. (via A Cup of Jo)

Map quest. I love this faux folksy interpretation of a map of the U.S.  by Oliver Jeffers. The handwriting makes it look like a kid’s school project, yet the background texture is definitely from the hands of someone who knows his way around a watercolor brush. I think this is the kind of thing that could work in a kids room (and it’s cool enough that you wouldn’t have to swap it out as the kid grew up) or I wouldn’t mind hanging it in the dedicated library I hope to have some day. (via aesthetic outburst)

Let’s go to your house. Love The Selby. Must get this book. That is all. (via cool hunting)

A banner day. I heart these Banter Banners, and can picture one strung up on a wall as a second layer over a collection of art that’s been hung salon style. Or perhaps dangling from a headboard or above a cozy bench that abuts a footboard or . . . uhm, so like I said, I heart these banners. (via A Cup of Jo)

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