Places I Like (4/17/10)

Warehouse district. I’m in total heart with this former factory turned live-work space. It’s full of contrasts—the translucence of banks of windows versus the solidity of the old wood floors, delicate dishes arranged on a rough-hewn shelf. The space is clearly extra-extra large yet a judicious use of furniture and art and light make it seem cozy rather than cavernous. Favorite moments? The bank of industrial windows that have been upcycled into room dividers, the “rasterized” tree photo, and, of course, the griffin-guarded library. (via apartment therapy)

Swede Spot. If I was going to move to Sweden, I might move here. I’m delighted by the crazy vintage wallpaper, which I’m finding utterly jolie laide.  I also love the wood floors—which I’d immediately paint white—and the white tile fireplace. (via fine little day)

Krum in, it’s open. To be clear: I HAVE. A HEART-ON. FOR GREGORY KRUM. Which may be why this is the closest I’ll ever get to seeing his digs . . . sigh sigh and sigh . . . (via Jen Bekman Gallery on Facebook)

You did what to your apartment? Not only do I love the sheer guts of this homeowner, I’m also in love with both the before and after versions of this loft. And I’m thinking that I may have a leather couch and armchair for sale soon . . . so I can have a wall free to mimic the TV console/bookcase styling Ivonne’s got going on . . . My favorite moment? The gated soda and juice machines in the lobby. I soooo heart New York! (via apartment therapy)

Huh? Thank goodness a picture’s worth a thousand words in any language because I have absolutely no idea what these captions say. The fabulous style in this apartment, however, needs no translation. I’m crazyhearted about the deep gray kitchen cabinets, whitewashed floors, and  light-filled living room with its STARS ON THE CEILING! Uhm, sorry, I got a little too excited there for a moment . . .  (via Bolig magazine)

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  1. hey paulette…love all of these home inspirations! i can’t get enough of looking at these kinds of sites myself.

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