Stuff I Like (4/18/10)

“On the Road Again” Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring

Grab a seat! I adore these stools by Wood and Wool, which manage to be both practical and mini works-of-art at the same time. I’d probably put a couple right next to my bed to capture the overflow of books and magazines. I’m just saying . . . (via Decor8)

Ooooh, pretty. I’ve been wanting new pillows for my bed and may actually give up Starbucks for a month—horrors!—so I can afford this lovely. (Oh Starbucks, I wish I knew how to quit you . .  ) Of course I pretty much want everything in the Tuuni Etsy shop, but I digress . . . (via Decor8)

The Writing on the Wall. As anyone who’s ever visited either of my last two apartments knows, I sorta have a thing for writing on the wall. (Next time you come over, check out the lines from Mary Oliver on the bathroom door.) These wall decals are even better than anything I could come up with myself mostly because Shanna Murray’s’s got way better penmanship, and she can actually draw! In other words, you bet your sweet a these are at the top of my wish list! (via A Cup of Jo)

Butterflies are free . . . Except when they’ve been stabbed with a pin and stuck in a box. At least that’s what I think every time I see framed butterfly specimens. So what’s an-anti pinned bug, butterfly-loving girl to do? Order these lovely crocheted versions to which I’m going to go ahead and give two snaps. (via Creature Comforts)

Bag it! Uhm, this is a really cool purse. I am a really cool girl. See where I’m going with this? (I apologize for totally forgetting where I found this. Sigh . . . )

Butterfly Redux. I was talking to one my neighborhood Sbux baristas today about her butterfly tattoo because I desperately want one. (Side note: To me the butterfly symbolizes God working to help you become who he already made you to be . . . as opposed to changing into someone else entirely. )Don’t know if the tattoo will ever happen, but this gorgeous hand letter-pressed print from the Keep Calm Gallery—which sums up my thoughts about the symbolism of the butterfly in a nutshell—certainly will. (Somehow I managed yet again to not write down where I found this. . . sigh some more . . . )

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  1. Fun, PB, send me a picture of your Mary Oliver door! Or post it. Also, what is your mailing address. I am on the lookout for something for you.

    xoxoxo Rena

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