Stuff I Like (4/22/10)

Shoe down. If I had a boudoir (uhm, and a spare $250), this print would be mine and hanging in the aforementioned boudoir where I would practice, practice, practice walking in heels until I could purchase a beautiful pair of gold shoes for myself and prance the night away. Or something like that . . .

Wall to wall? Who needs a 3-d headboard when you have a sturdy wall to lean against? ‘Specially if you snag one of these amazingly cool Blik headboard decals.  I’m partial to the Nico and Wrought Iron versions my self . . .

Superstar! Why didn’t you tell me? So it turns out that 20×200 photographer-blogger-extraordinary gal overall  Youngna Park also takes pix of interiors. I’m loving this photostream, which features homeowners that have incorporated “green” features into their design schemes. Every little bit counts and the greening runs the gamut from using low-VOC paint to being fully LEED certified. Yay Youngna! (via 20× blog)

Take a load off. I. Must. Have. This. Pretty please.(via Nonsense & Sensibility)

Cuff”em Danno. Well, if you’re going to develop a thing for elephants, you might as well go all in. Sigh, swoon, and sigh s’more . . .  (via Nonsense & Sensibility)

p.s. I was a little sleep-deprived when I found some of these and I forgot to note where I found ’em. I apologize to anyone who should be getting credit and isn’t.

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