Uhm, I thought this was a home design blog?

“Self Portrait with Strong Brows and Red Lips,” 4/25/10, Silver Spring

Hola peeps!

So you may have noticed a suspicious number of  not-really-home posts popping up on the blog. Like that crazy pair of heels I was drooling over last week, or my latest musing on why I like taking self-portraits. The more I write The Home Beete and the more I explore the web in search of  items to feature, the more apparent it becomes that the range of things I want to evangelize about are way broader than I ever imagined. I considered for a while starting a separate style blog and another blog for “musings,” but in reality—that’s not the way my brain works. I’ll happily jump from raving about a great dress to ranting about a wonderful piece of art to running on about my “uniform” all in the same conversation . . . and, sometimes, even the same sentence. Soooo, the new expanded definition of The Home Beete is that it’s a place to find me at home — where, usually from my magazine strewn bed, I’m looking, learning, shaking my head, and making long long wish lists that I then share with you. Hopefully even with this more diverse focus, you’ll still have as much fun reading along as I do putting together The Home Beete!

That being said . . . I think I need to bid adieu to William Carlos Williams as a tag line. Any ideas for a replacement?

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