Places I Like (5/17/10)

I saw this pic over on Emma’s DesignBlogg (Photo by Ancci Gustavsson). Even though design rules say that the rug should be large enough that the whole bed fits on it, I actually love how the smaller rug is used to create a sort of “lawn” around the footboard end. Somehow it makes the simple elegance of the room pop just that bit more.

My new best friends? Let’s just cut to the chase shall we and admit that I would totally stalk the people who live here to get an invite. Totally. Favorite moments? The instant gorgeous kitchen window view thanks to the woolly pockets garden, the Paris grey subway tile in the bathroom, and—of course—the art. (via Apartment Therapy)

DIY OMG! I have two words for you about this amazing home: tin headboard. Okay, here’s a few more words along the lines of I seriously need DIY Kara to be my new home genius bestie. Like seriously. (via Young House Love)

A Little Light Music. The sherbety palette in Malene Barnett’s home is absolutely stunning, as if somehow she’s figured out how to infuse a smidge of light into every paintdrop so you get this overall effect of luminescence. I also love how the elongated figure repeats throughout the house—starting with the handles on the front door. I’d buy one of this woman’s carpets in a heartbeat even if it mean cleaning out your bank account. I’m just saying . . . (via The Selby)

Bonjour Phillippe. This is less of a place I like and more of a “This is the closest most of us will ever get to Phillippe Starck so heck yeah, I’m posting it on the blog.” Overall, it’s a little too taxidermy, primitivish arty for me, but there are some lovely moments such as the casual clusters of necklaces, the tub, and the sleek Starck fixtures amidst the cacophony of stuff. (via The Selby, who has a great new book out by the by . . . )

I call do over! It’s amazing to me how bad design choices can absolutely ruin a gorgeous house. Love this remodel that brought this 1916 loveliness back to life. (via Greige)

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