Places I Like (July 3, 2010)

Somewhere in Silver Spring, Spring 2010

Lite Brite. The old saying is that the most important thing is location, location, location but I disagree. I’m going to go with light, light, light like the wonderful light pouring through the windows in this Scandinavian home. The reflective surfaces scattered througout the space—mirrors, chandeliers, glossy floors, candlesticks—make the muted palette luminous rather than chilly. And for cloudy days, there are the woody touches—lived in armchair, tiles around the fireplace, wooden coffee table. (via Greige)

A Study in Contrast. This place is a bit too stark for my tastes, but there are some lovely moments, most notably the painting that is repeated as a backsplash motif and the black wall. Those white chairs also look luverly but I fear my take-out habit would grungify them in no time, sigh. (via emmas designblogg)

That’s New to Me! I really love the philosophy behind this Venice, CA abode: “I believe just about every piece of furniture I need or want already exists.” Despite the fact that almost all of the furniture, artwork, etc. in this home is “new-to-the-homeowner” rather than downright new, not one inch of this home has that post-college hand-me-down mishmash look. I think the secret is the judicious DIY-ing of keep pieces, like the boldly gorgeous fabric on the vintage chairs. Yep, add these folks to the list of people I need to befriend and how! (via apartment therapy)

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