Stuff I Like (7/26/10)


“Chloey and Paulette, Wednesday night” by Chloey Accardi (2010)

Editors Note: Someone—no need to mention any names!—started this post on July 5 and is now just publishing it which means that many of the things listed may already be sold out. But who doesn’t like a little window shopping, right? Sigh . . .  

Oooh, sparkly! Why yes, that was my exact reaction on peeping these Madewell chandelier earrings. While I have a heart-on for sparkle, I tend to stay away from most chandelier earrings cause they’re somehow just a little too much. Lately, it seems, I like my maximalism leavened with a strong dose of minimalism. What I love about these earrings is that the heaviness of the stones is perfectly balanced by the lightness of the chain. In other words, color me Goldilocks—they’re just right! (via Creature Comforts)

Je t’aime. This is just a little reminder of the complete heart-on I have for all things French (including Colette, Chanel, and Johnny Depp.) I’m especially in love with the tea cosies. So buy me one. ‘K? ‘K! (via Creature Comforts)

Lovely Stuff. I love this vintage-ish print, which IMHO is cheeky-sweet rather than treacly. And this is also a singular take on my current love for all things cloudy (well, except days and moods. . . . )  (viaAlli Coate)

Just ask for directions. A map based on Springsteen lyrics. Genius! Finally, you can find out where that friend of yours from back in high school who used to turn all the boys heads lives.

Simply wow. These nocturnal shots by New Jersey photographer Emma Wilcox are thoughtfully haunting. We forget how much stillness there can actually be in an urban environment, an absence Wilcox captures beautifully. Make sure to browse both Eminent Domain and Forensic Landscapes. (via @doallas)

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