Stuff and Places I Like (11/30/10)

“And now we begin….”, Loudoun County, Virginia. November 2010.

S.W.A.K. Sometimes procrastination is a good thing…well, at least when it comes to buying Christmas cards. Unlike those Boy Scout types who stocked up on discounted cards last year, you can spoil your friends with these glorious artist cards, proving you’re not just smart, you’re downright styliciously savvy! (via Brain Pickings)

Hi There! Just when I thought my stalking-people-till-they-become-my-best-friend-and-invite-me-to-move-in days were over….Don’t be surprised when you hear yourself oohing and aahing out loud over this adorably quirky California cottage. Favorite moments? Honestly–each and every single thing they’ve done in this house. Sw-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-n. (via apartment therapy)

Hi There! Redux. Everything I just said about that last place goes quadruple for this Brit Bungalow. (via apartment therapy)

Butterflies are free to fly…Well, except when they’re pinned to a board. Blech, gross! Wanta get your Nabokov on without getting all Marquis de Sade about it? Check out these abs gorgeous crocheted butterfly specimens. Oooh, want! Please. (via aesthetic outburst)

‘ear, ‘ear! Now I don’t go all cockney over just any old earrings, but these clay dangles are delish. What I love about them is that they’re bi-seasonal….they perfectly capture the crispness of a winter sky while at the same time evoking the lovely azure waters of Sant Tropez in the summer….okay, I may have made that last part up, but here’s hoping.

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