Stuff I Like (1/13/11)

New shoes. Silver Spring. January 2011.

Yummy in my Tummy! You may have heard me mention once or twice or a zillion times how much I like pie. I also happen to love mason jars. So pie+mason jar=I’ve died ‘n’ gone to heaven….sadly I discovered All Jarred Up too late for Christmas….happily, they start delivering again in time for my birthday! (via a Cup of Jo)

And now a shout-out to Beyonce….Okay, not really. Pretty sure this simple engagement ring‘s not near enough bling for Miz Knowles, but were a happy event such as an engagement to be married ever befall me, this ring would be on my wish list. And I’d fully expect it to do double-duty as the happily be-wedded ring too. In other words, I do swoon. (via A Cup of Jo)

Oh no, Yoko! Beatles fan or not, I can’t see how you wouldn’t flip over this yellow submarine bangle. Totes cute…but in a good, grown up, I’ve not lost my sense of whimsy type of way….

Blockhead! I love this tiny but gorgeous Jerome Block by painter Michelle Armas. There’s something quite lyrical about her work, and I find myself almost “reading” the designs like i might read a poem. The block’s extra groovy because the design continues onto the sides and back, and I swan you could lose an hour or two just playing and gazing and whatnot….(via Armas Design)

One way to Argentina… Stumbled upon this lovely Buenos Aires aerie (Yes, I know I’m using ‘aerie’ incorrectly, but I’ve got a thing for alliteration….) wandering through my blog roll My fave moments are the wheeled chairs around the traditional dining table, the mini cactus-lined kitchen window, the white-bricked interior walls, and, of course, the stripes. (p.s. I totes forgot which blog I first saw this on–sorry!)

Cover me! Can’t quite decide if I’m more in love with this or this. Oh Karen Barbe, you’re such a heartbreaker!

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