Stuff I Like (1/23/11)

Eye spy. I love these quirky landscapes “of the mundane” by Chris Wiley. He takes the photos I dream of taking, the unseen aha! moment lurking unnoticed in the every day. (via Beautiful Decay)

Pen and Ink. One of my favorite drawers—by which I mean visual artist who draws things—is Jason Polan. I’m a little over-the-moon (and possibly soon to be over budget) because he’s got a whole fantastico collaboration going on with West Elm! On my immediate wish list: the large perfume bottle decoupage tray and the vidalia pillow cover. (Okay, and I kinda want one of the glass tumblers too….) Swoon, sigh, SWOON.

Staying put. I think the urge to wander may be starting to bubble up again (Paulette in the same city for 10 years–WHAT?!)…but staying put might not be all that bad if I had a just-fancy-enough address stamp by emililies in hand… (via creature comforts)

They had stars upon thars….You might not  think that Lubbock, Texas and Provincetown, Massachusetts, would have a lot in common. But what I love about both is their great big skies with reach-out-and-touch-them starscapes like the one in this good type of lonely giclee print from cakewithgiants. (via creature comforts)

Blogger shout-out! Another of my fave blogs is Creature Comforts. EZ posts bits of lovely from all over the internet, and I particularly adore the Inspiration Daily posts, which feature one or several images with “paint chips” laying out the color palette. The combinations are often surprising, and they make you want to immediately put together an outfit or redo a room or….Well, head over there and see for yourself!

All tangled up. I don’t need another pair of earrings, but I quite want these lovely knotted twine hoops from by boe . They’re both classic and a little bit punkish–what’s not to love (pun absolutely intended!)? (via Creature Comforts)

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  1. Love the hearts, pictured! Want them for my Valentine tree (formerly a Christmas tree).

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