Stuff I Like (2/19/11)

I don’t know who Jack is but I sure do like his flag. Since I don’t think I’m becoming a subject of HRH Liz II anytime soon, I guess I’ll show my affection for Gran Britannia with this vintage Union Jack pillow from Henry Road. (Well, that and keeping up my monthly love letters to Prince Charles. C’mon, you know you thought he was dashing too back in the Charles and Di days….)

Remember how I told you…So I know you’ve heard me mention Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst to the point where  you’re thinking of taking out a restraining order against me on her behalf buttttttt I’m going to risk possible legal action to tell you that the talented Miz Hendrickson has started listing some of her original drawings in her Etsy shop, hownowdesign. Turns out Abbey is not just one heckuva crafter/blogger, she’s also a trained visual artist. I’m partial to “Minor City,” “Down,” and “by whom surrendered”…you know, in case you wanted to get me a little something for all the Internet awesomeness I bring into your life, or something like that. (via Aesthetic Outburst)

Stars upon Thars… I know it’s not Christmas but I’m thinking a bowlful of these lovely ornaments from Basic French Online would add a splash of glamour all year round. They’d also make a lovely mobile, or maybe tie a few to ribbon and hang them from some of your wall art. I mean can you really have too much starlight afoot?

It’s got that je ne sais quoi… What’s there to say about this lovely print from lovemaki? It’s in French, the typography is gorgeous, and the balloon is the perfect shade of pink? In other words—-swoon and double swoon. (via A Cup of Jo)

Dutch delight. The pillows and prints in Dutch artist LeiLiLaLoo’s Etsy store are a little bit folks, a little bit outsider artist-ish, and a whole lot of wonderful. I generally don’t like things this close to twee, but there’s a certain sureness of vision that pushes this past mere poseur-dom…or something like that. I’m especially taken by this, this, and this. (via One Fine Day)

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  1. It’s always fun to see what you like!

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