Stuff I Like (2/22/11)

Four-sided Pyramid by Sol Lewitt, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

Mirror mirror on the wall. Perusing the blog Griege and loved this powder room. Well, to be precise, I’m not sure how I feel about the bowl sink/rustic pedestal combo (I think I’d prefer concrete or more industrial sinks with that pedestal) but I’m absolutely in love with the groupings of antique mirrors hung on the wall. I’m thinking this would also be a lovely idea for a foyer or short hallway. (via griege)

It’s that time again. So I had no idea Griege was also a shop. (ah, lightbulb!) And perhaps it’s better that I didn’t know because now I’m in love with this alarm clock. I mean it’s vintage, French, and teal—uhm, can we say “Paulette written all over it!” Never mind that I already have four clocks in my apartment, none of which ever tell the same time. Sigh….

Well, maybe a swift half. (Note: If you don’t get that intro, that means you need to watch more As Things Go By and drink more beer, I’m just saying.) Hugo Guinness has been one of my absolutely favorites since the first time I discovered his prints. There’s something about the decisive yet simple quality of his lines that I find absolutely breathtaking, and I could stare at his prints for hours. Sadly I still haven’t gotten the hang of actually saving up some dough so I can purchase one of his works, but how lovely of the Griege folks to feature Hugo Guiness for my drooling pleasure. (Note 2: I am also dying to visit John Derian’s shop, preferably the one in Provincetown as I’d be in one of my favorite places on earth browsing one of my dream shops. Uhm, yeah, swoon.) (via griege)

Make a Wish. I’m kinda in love with this dandelion duvet from West Elm. It doesn’t fit my color scheme at all and I’m not sure how I feel about glorifying weeds on my bed still….And while I’m waxing rhapsodic about West Elm, you might as well know I want this too.

Knock knock. Just when I thought it was safe to browse house tours, I found this gorgeous Brooklyn rehab that I must must must see in person. Sigh…. (via Door Sixteen)

I’m Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Okay, not really. But I am cuckoo for this clock by decoylab. Not that I have a clock addiction or anything…. (via oh joy!)

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  1. I like this stuff, too! And dandelions can be eaten!

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