How much creativity is too much creativity?


View directly across from my bed. (l-r) puff paint flower by Abbey Hendrickson, “House Plant 3” by Carrie Marrill via 20×, thrifted, lacquered, wooden tray made in Italy by Fratelli Alinari

Have you heard about the 30 Days of Creativity Project? Per the website, the project is “a social initiative encouraging people to create stuff (anything) every day for 30 days in June.” Given my fondness for 30-day projects, I’m sorely tempted. It would feel like cheating to count my daily Facebook video since I do it everyday anyway, so I’d need to find something else, preferably that’s not “write a poem.”

On the one hand, it sounds like an awesome opportunity to shake up my creative self by trying something new. On the other hand, given that I’m already making daily videos, that I’ve been poem-ing fairly regularly these past few months, and I’m writing/researching all day at work, will adding something else silt me up rather than help break new ground? Did I mention that in June I’m continuing the sugar free lifestyle and possibly adding 30 days of daily yoga practice? How much creativity is too much creativity? How many projects are too many projects? I’m not someone who likes to be perpetually busy, but I am someone who gets great satisfaction from being alone and just making. I forget the name for that pinnacle of the creative state when everything’s clicking—is that flow—but that’s when I feel most alive (and I think most connected to God).

Do you keep pushing yourself till you actually find out what your limits are (and hopefully surprise yourself in the process), or do you come at it from a purely analytical standpoint by which I mean, you give yourself a good shake and say, “Uhm, well, there’s only so many hours in a day!” Which is true. But right now I have the gift of not having a husband or children making demands on those hours, so shouldn’t I push myself now until that time when God releases my husband and kiddos?

What I’m leaning toward is taking part in the June challenge by taking a photograph everyday, with an option to write about the photograph if I feel so moved. I think the most onerous part will be downloading the day’s photo, which really isn’t onerous at all, and I’ll have 30 images to jumpstart future writing projects. And a more comprehensive way of seeing, perhaps. I’m also leaning toward holding off on the 30 days of yoga until July.

How much creativity is too much creativity? There may not be any such thing, but there’s only one way to find out…

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  1. Kerry Shanahan


    What a great idea! I’m going to check out the 30 Days of Creativity Project! And good luck to you with yours! I can’t wait to see your photos!! Good Luck!

    Enjoy, Kerry ;~)

  2. What a dilemma! I like the photography project, and its future ripplings. I do think downtime is good, so you might give yourself a few moments of the meditative part of yoga…still saving the physical still July?

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