Stuff I Like (with-a-prologue edition)

June 16, 2011

I finally wore my peacock hairclip to work yesterday, and I’m pretty sure nobody noticed. Sig…

Hello Peeps! The poor old The Home Beete! is limping along….not for lack of love, but for lack of time. On the better nights, I can multi-task making my nightly Facebook video and putting up a post while I also make dinner. But on far too many nights, not so much. Sigh….

But I refuse to give up, and as I figure out a way to update content more regularly, you may find things changing a little or a lot. I keep thinking of things I’d like to ruminate on during the day, so I think I’ll allow myself to do more of that. But not to worry, I’ll still being doing “Stuff I Like” and you can see tons more I like over on Pinterest! (Just ping me if you need an invite!)

And I’m constantly updating my Facebook page, even when I shouldn’t be! I’d love to friend you so just drop me a note that you found me via The Home Beete, and you’re in like Flynn!

Okay, that’s enough prologue from me….without further ado, here’s some stuff I like..

You had me at “Paris penthouse…” Seriously peeps, if my Paris apartment looked like this, I’m pretty sure I’d never leave it to actually see Paris. I’m just saying… I particularly heart the wood floors, the exposed beams throughout, and what looks like an Arne Jacobsen sofa in the living room.  (via Solid frog)

T for you, and you for T… I’m in total heart with these artist t-shirts from Agnes B! My especial faves: Craig Costello’s rainbow-inflected tank, Jay One’s graffiti-ish “My Love is Magic,” and Jonas Mekas’s “Keep Singing.”

All Pins, No Needles! I’m also completely in heart with this safety pin brooch by Marta Lugo Jewelry. I don’t actually have any collared shirts right now, but I wanta run out and buy a bunch just so I can clip this beauty to my collar. Or maybe I can give a nod to punk and pin it through the slightly distressed neckline of a plain old t-shirt. Either way, uhm, WoW! (via Creature Comforts)

You Light Up My Life. I’m looking at you Plumen Lightbulb. You sexy, sassy, beast of a bulb you. I’d love to introduce you to my Tord Boontje garland shade. I really do think we could all live happily ever after. I’m just saying… (p.s. I know the price looks outrageous….until you spot the part about the bulb lasting for 8 years!)

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