My Monday on the Interwebs

Instagram iPhone pic by Anna Dorfman, Door Sixteen doyenne

For my day job, I’m a writer/editor–well, really, I’m a SENIOR writer/editor, but I’m convinced the “senior” refers to my age, not my expertise, sigh…..While part of my job is working on print media, much more of my job involves browsing the Interwebs, either checking out newsy bits to pass on via my agency’s Twitter feed, or sourcing content and people for future blog or Facebook posts. I also generally end up with a long line of tabs for things that my artist-self wants to check out. Today, I thought it might be interesting to track those things in a blog post. So here in no particular order, other than the time of day I encountered them, are some links I found particularly interesting/provocative/click-thru worthy…

8:23 am: This is a brilliant project where you can send in drawings of what makes you happy. I”m definitely going to work on something… (found via Brain Pickings)

8:30 a.m. “…stories are actually first and foremost told by the things we humans choose to surround ourselves with: our houses, our modes of transportation, our salt and pepper shakers, our phones, and our shoes.” —Stefan Boublil (Read entire essay here.)

9:19 a.m. (I snuck over to my blog roll for a few…) “The drawings are beautiful and, considering the fact that we’re spending most of our days planning our escape to the countryside, the book came at the perfect time.” —Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst on Nigel Peake’s In The Wilds. (Read the full blog post here.)

11:55 a.m. (Nearly lunchtime, so more from the blog roll…) “I was so happy when a reader, Amy M., commented today to share the work of her talented friend, Katie Vernon, and her beautiful watercolor illustrations. I am always so touched when someone recommends a friend, it’s so sweet – she didn’t even include a link to her blog or website in the process because she simply wanted me to know about her friend Katie.”—Holly from Decor 8 (Read full blog post and peep some of Katie Vernon’s gorgeous work here.)

12:50 pm (more from Holly at Decor8; I had a lot of posts to catch up on!) “Did you notice the notes on the photos above? It’s a good habit to get into and I talked about this in my book in the mood boards section. As you are collecting inspiration, it’s really important that you identify with post-its or some type of noting system what you like about the image. It could be that you really only like the curtains or the lighting or even the floor. It’s crutical to pinpoint your likes as this helps you immensely when it comes to developing your own personal style. I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager in both fashion magazines and decorating ones, but if you are new to this it’s a fun exercise but also very telling!” (Read the full post, which includes many photos by photographer Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer here.)

1:04pm “I’ve discovered something else that’s kind of neat: I’m looking at my surroundings all the time. …It’s so easy to walk 20 blocks in NYC without ever looking up—you get so focused on moving forward and blocking out everyone around you that you forget to be an observer.”—Anna from Door 16 on the Instagram app on her iPhone. (The full post with pix is here. I particularly lurve the Stella Tennant pic, which you prolly already figured out.)

3:15 pm “I like to think that lines and words have much more in common than one would instinctively think. So in the drawings that I do, I try to choose the best possible lines, the most efficient, the most essential.”—Matteo Pericoli (Read Paris Review blog post here.)

3:50pm* “I love a good interview. To me, there’s nothing so useful for demystifying the creative process as hearing an artist or entrepreneur speak from a very personal perspective about how, and why, they do what they do.”—Jocelyn K. Glei (from 9 Awesome Interviews with Creative Visionaries)

* My work day’s not quite over, but I’m signing off our Twitter account now, so I think it’s a good time to end.

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