My (Current) Obsessions

Bed with white sheets and colored towels

My Bed, around 9am, July 1, 2011

taking photos of my bed * romance novels by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jill Mansell * Grace Episcopal thrift shop on Bonifant Street * Fenton Street market * Christian Kane * Crazy Heart soundtrack * Living, Etc. magazine * Country Living UK magazine * Taking photos of Katie Lyles Levy’s outfits * How to Train Your Dragon * Facebook * Aesthetic Outburst * 20× * The English Riviera by Metronomy * Virginia Woolf *Colette *May Sarton’s nonfiction * biographies of women artists * vintage Christmas ornaments *Eiffel Tower * thrift stores, antique marts, flea markets * reading * God * vintage embroidered pillowcases * Jen Bekman Gallery * socks * Paris *interior design books (but only the ones with lots and lots of pictures) * ribbon *ArtSpring store *green earrings * postcards * Converse sneakers * bananas *vintage necklaces * coffee * Grooveshark * food trucks * magazines * naps * floral art * visual art * male musicians * Smith’s Rosebud Salve * Booth’s products * making lists (and writing lists poems) * ellipses * Pick of the Week free music from Starbucks * Starbucks * Daniel Auteil * La Mission * “jump, jump, jump!” * create, create, create *

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  1. I love everything on this list too! Except socks. Barefoot is the only way to go.

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