Saturday Morning Shopping*

Pretty purple flowers (the name of which I can’t remember) • 3 ears of corn • basil • 4 different kinds of tomatoes (Green Zebra, Black Prince, and Pink and Yellow Brandywine) • green beans (which should have been on yesterday’s list of obsessions) • a midnight blue/gold/white Royal Albert teacup and saucer set (from the Regal series)

small brass figurine of horse and jockey on top of yellow book

• a little brass figurine of a horse and jockey (I have this thing for horses and cowboys lately) • a Modern Library edition of 3 plays by Eugene O’Neill in amazing condition (Anna Christie, The Emperor Jones, The Hairy Ape) • two sweet felt heart hair clips from Asparagus (which I plan to wear to church with my turquoise sundress tomorrow, though I’m guessing they’ll make an appearance in my do a little later today as well) • the new edition of Living, Etc. (sadly, the July issue of Country Living UK isn’t in yet, but I just found the May issue, which I haven’t yet devoured so all is well in my world)

* Full Disclosure: I also bought toilet paper, paper towels, sausage, and Mr. Clean erasers, and a can of organic, no salt diced tomatoes from Safeway but those just didn’t seem exciting enough to qualify for the feature list

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