Some things I think are great today

White IKEA queen size Malma bed with green print coverlet and white pillows and several artworks on the wall

Bed, chandelier, both side tables from IKEA, green print spread and lampshade from Urban Outfitters, accent pillow handsewn (by moi) from vintage silk scarf, Mexican silver mirror from Bonifant Avenue thrift store, “gold” mirror wih James Baldwin quote from Boston yard sale circa 1991, standard size vintage embroidered pillows via Ebay, desert scene in pink frame from Angelica Gomez as gift, white-framed Jennifer Sanchez print from 20×

I think some of you know that I’ve really been trying to work on my charitable donations this year. I already tithe to my church, but wanted to give more, so I’ve been trying to give about $50/month to various charities and arts projects. I just saw this 52×52 project over on A Cup of Jo, and I think I’m going to sign up for the $10 (and actually give $15 so I can improve on what I’ve done this year).

This is my friend Abbey’s blog, Aesthetic Outburst. I love how transparent she is about both the joys and the perils of the life she’s made for herself with her husband and so-cute-I-could-overdose-on-them kids. I love how generous she is, how creative, and how she seems to have figured out a good balance of being engaged with her kids without stifling them, and balancing her time with them with her own need for creative and personal time.

I love the idea of gratitude journals but when I try to keep one it tends to fall by the wayside. Not because I’m not perpetually grateful but because I’m always scheming for a few more minutes of sleep or a few more minutes playing on Facebook. Thank goodness I’ve found Happy Rambles. They send you an e-mail every night, you hit reply with what you’re grateful for, and c’est bon. It’s also lovely that it comes at night as a good reminder that even the crappiest of days will have something to be thankful for, even if it’s as mundane as “I’m grateful for e-mail.”

I think Leverage is great every day. I’ve been catching up on old episodes, usually watching one every night. It’s the perfect detox no matter how frazzling a day it’s been. And if you’re wondering why I linked to a photo of a particular cast member and not the page for the whole show, all I have to say is–have you met me?

This thing I think is great today involves Ryan Gosling. Don’t even try and pretend you’re not all up in it! (h/t A Cup of Jo)

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  1. happy rambles and the feminist ryan gosling rock!

  2. Ryan Gosling is as adorable as a baby goose. Oh!

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