She had some books


I was going to do a project this year documenting 365 objects in my apartment. Then I fine-tuned it to documenting 365 books in my apartment. Then I realized that it was probably more than enough to try and blog every day as well as getting through all 50 things on my year-long To Do list. Sometimes I give myself too many tasks that draw from the same creative source and I get frustrated when I can’t sustain various projects. I’m working on trying to recognize the difference between those times and the situations in which I really do need to just push myself a little harder.

I would still like to show you my books. This is a pile from on top a vintage dresser that’s in my “reading” room, which is what I call what used to be my dining room until I gave away my dining table and moved a couch into that spot instead. Sometimes I do actually read there. And I do my morning journaling there on the days I’m conscientious about not getting bagel crumbs all over my bed. I also throw my coat there and whatever bag I’m schlepping stuff to work in.

I don’t know if you can read the title of the top book but it’s the New Rhyming Dictionary and Poets Handbook. It was a present from Jana. I’ve never actually opened it, but I love the turquoise color of the cloth cover so it’s a keeper. Underneath that is an antiques collectible guide, which I bought as a sourcebook for when I go thrifting. That too is relatively untouched, but I suppose it will come in handy if I ever start my vintage store on Etsy. I bought the McCoy Pottery book at a yard sale. It has pictures of lots and lots of decorative McCoy planters, except for the one that I actually own, which is a snail. (I bought it to re-sell, but then I fell in love with it. So it’s hanging out on one of my bookshelves on top of a stack of Living, etc.)

Next is an old issue of Interview magazine. It has a gorgeous colored pencil drawing of Cate Blanchett on the cover. It was their Art issue, and it’s where I discovered that Owen Wilson is a serious art collector, which of course made me love him more even though this was also around the same time that rumors were circulating that he’d tried to kill himself on account of Kate Hudson, which was sad and disappointing and possibly true.

I can’t remember if I stumbled across the book of photographs by Linda McCartney on EBay or on I do know that it smelled like cigarette smoke when it arrived in my mailbox. Sometimes I take pictures out of it to hang on the wall, like the one of  Sam Cooke that’s next to a magazine photo of Yoko Ono holding a “War is Over” banner. One of my favorite photos from the collection is of Paul McCartney in a bubble bath.

Anchoring the stack is the catalog from the Quilts of Gee’s Bend show. Though I can’t claim to have the visual talent of the Gee’s Bend quilters, their quilts inspired me to try quilting myself. Making quilts out of strips of fabric seemed accessible in a way that more complicated piecing techniques didn’t. I actually made my first quilt for the person who gave me this book, as her wedding present. I haven’t completed a quilt since that first one, though I do have a quilt top hanging in my closet waiting to be quilted. The piecing together is fun; the actual quilting is tedious and I fully understand why women would gather together for that part of it.

So, I have some books. You?

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