My sister’s a copycat!

Paulette Beete and Deborah Beete on Christmas Eve 2011

I’m fairly certain that when she sees this, Deeb’s going to say, “Dude! I can’t believe you put that picture of us on your blog.”

Today I’ve run into the first hard core challenge to blogging every day: an incipient cold. I’m at the coughing on and off, groggy head, achy joints stage. Also known as the “snuggle under the blanket and watch Leverage on a shady ‘forum’ URL my Dad sent me” stage. Which is not at all the same as the “blog anyway” stage. I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn into a thing. Only because I keep adamantly stating aloud that I refuse to be sick for my birthday party on Friday.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about someone related to me, instead. Like my sister. Who just started her own blog. Mostly because she’s a copy cat. But also because she’s a good writer. A smart, funny, what will she say next kind of writer. Here’s my favorite section from the post she put up yesterday:

I have been told that my boundaries are a little different which is, I think, a polite way of trying to tell me that maybe I need to get some. I partially blame my family…they don’t meet strangers and they insist on keeping inappropriate relationships. For instance, my mother’s father did indeed toast the bride and groom at my father’s wedding to his second wife. And yes, my little brother did spend a lot of time with my mother, sister and I when he was little (no he’s not my mother’s kid). And yes, my father does still invite my mother’s family to events and, yes, they do all show up. See…I didn’t make this lack of boundary stuff up on my own!

It’s true about the boundaries thing. And it’s definitely a family thing. In some ways I’m fiercely private. But then there’s those other ways…like when you innocently drop into my cube to ask if I want to go for coffee and I start telling you in graphic detail about how, uhm, messy, my fibroids make that time of the month. (Sorry Liz! And Don! And well, everyone else I work with on a daily basis. Sigh.)

It’s not really surprising that my sister’s a writer too, though hitherto (yep, I did, in fact, just use “hitherto” in a sentence), it’s been a lot of academic and grant and sermon writing. But I think she probably has the talent to be a strong creative nonfiction writer if she really wanted to.

That was a digression. What I meant to say was it’s not really surprising that she’s a writer too because we’re a lot alike in many ways. So many that I sometimes forget that we didn’t get along for many years. We weren’t estranged, but we really couldn’t be together for more than a day or two without nerves becoming frayed. We were so busy holding things against each other that we never really relished all our commonalities. Now we still hold things against each other, but usually for five minutes or so. And then we laugh at ourselves for being ridiculous, have a hard talk if one is warranted, then go back to talking about whichever chick lit authoress is our current favorite. (Okay, sometimes I do also change my train ticket in a huff in order to head back to Silver Spring immediately, but only sometimes.)

My sister’s one of the reasons I would never want to be in my 20s again, or even early 30s. I’d never ever want to give her up. Even if she is a total copycat!

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