Hurry up and wait….


So I’ve heard the story of Isaac and Rebekah a zillion times. She had twins—Esau and Jacob—and Jacob bamboozled Esau, so to speak. Here’s what I finally noticed as I was reading that chapter in Genesis again last night:

Gen 25:20, 21

When Isaac was 40 years old, he married Rebekah…Isaac’s wife could not have children, so Isaac prayed to the Lord for her. The Lord heard Isaac’s prayer, and Rebekah became pregnant.

Gen 25: 26

Isaac was 60 years old when [Esau and Jacob] were born.

So, yes, God did answer Isaac’s prayer. And yes, it took 20 years!!!!! for God to answer Isaac’s prayer.

How often do we give up on what we’re believing for because we don’t get instant gratification? Or because it doesn’t arrive in a year or two or three? We put in the work—prayer, job training, setting up a savings account, sending out the manuscript, working out, whatever it may be—then we hurry up and wait. And wait some more. Then maybe we start to tell ourselves that God’s just not listening to us.

Something we—and I definitely include myself in this—really need to work on is 1) knowing that God always listens, and 2) learning to wait on—and work with—God’s timeline, which if I believe him to be who He says he is, has got to be much better than mine.



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  1. This actually vibes with my bible reading this am…I’m a little ahead of you and Joseph is in jail. The butler didn’t remember him. But just because it appeared that God had forgotten about him…in truth he was preparing him for something big. The waiting was necessary. Sometimes God has g

  2. Amen! I need to remind myself to practice patience and have faith in God’s plan on a daily basis. I’m getting better at it with age … only because I’ve had to wait for years for some things to come to fruition. Of course, I’m still waiting for some dreams to happen. I think I need to move on to the “decade(s) plan”.

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