Home is where the [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK ] is….

Summer Harvest

Despite what you may have heard from certain people who are close to me (I’m looking dead at you Debbie Beete!), I do not, in fact, spend every weekend rearranging my furniture. At the same time, I passionately believe that if a couch needs to be moved a time or two or three or four before it finds its right spot, then that’s just what you must do. Sometimes it takes months or even years to figure out exactly how we live in a space, especially if we ourselves are growing or changing in the process.

One of my day-off pleasures (and really anytime I get a spare moment pleasures) is to settle into bed with a good interiors book. I love to see how other people live with their things, what their collections are like, how they approach issues like color and comfort. Lately I’ve added to my collection two books by Australian designer/stylist/shopkeeper/world traveler Sibella Court. While our homes don’t look at all alike, her design philosophy closely mirrors mine. In etcetera, she writes:

For me, a home is like a museum without the signs saying ‘Please Don’t Touch.’ Think of all the stuff you own that has emotional or historical significance or comes with a memory r tale of where, when and who. It’s just a matter of finding ways to incorporate these things into your surroundings as three-dimensional reminders of your life for you and others to experience. This means you’ll end up with a home that’s distinctly and beautifully yours and not just a replica of homewares catalogues or generic furniture stores. It also allows your living space to evolve over time rather than locking it into a specific era or decorating genre.

My own home is a virtual timeline of my life and loves, places I’ve traveled and people I’ve met… — Sibella Court

When I invite you into my home, I like to think that through the art on the walls, the books on the shelves, the beloved thrift store finds, the piles of crocheted blankets on the couch, and the collections of teacups and Eiffel Towers and “orphaned” pottery, I’m introducing myself to you at a deeper level.

Do you have a philosophy or mantra or overall vision that informs how you feather your nest?

Two of my favorite spaces:

My friend Danna’s house in Kalamazoo, Michigan
My friend Jana’s apartment in New York City

Some of my favorite blogs for swooning over spaces:

A Life’s Design
The Selby
Covet Garden

My favorite interiors magazine EVER! (at least since Domino left the scene):

Living, Etc.

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